Git Ignore Tracked File Changes

Sometimes certain files are tracked and committed to a repository for continuous deployments. However, sometimes slight adjustments will want to be made for local development operations that should never be committed back to origin.

Additionally, some files are automatically updated when performing operations to test a site locally, such as cache files, that should also never be committed back up to origin.

To ignore changes to certain tracked files, Git can be told to assume certain files are unchanged—which effectively means Git will ignore any changes to these files.

# git update-index --assume-unchanged <file>...
git update-index --assume-unchanged docker-compose.yml wp-config.php

To stop ignoring changes and begin tracking them again, prefix the option with no:

# git update-index --no-assume-unchanged <file>...
git update-index --no-assume-unchanged docker-compose.yml

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List Files Marked as --assume-unchaged

git ls-files -v | grep '^[a-z]'

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